Snacks! Get Yours!

Snacks definitely take part in my day.  Usually, I crave foods that are crunchy and salty.  I try to eat healthier options, but sometimes, I just can’t fight it.  Here are few of my favorites!


Apples and Peanut Butter! Yes!


Cupcakes without any frosting! Mix it with Vanilla ice cream! Yay!


Pistachios! Crunchy and salty! Too bad it takes 2,890 of these to make feel satisfied.


Awesome treat!


4 thoughts on “Snacks! Get Yours!

  1. Yes, I love Laughing Cow too! But, I end up usually eating three wedges. Lol. I need portion control!

    I will have to try the fresh veggies in lemon juice w/ salt and pepper. Thanks for the letting me know! I’m going to try it tomorrow!

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