Brisket, whoa!

Brisket, whoa!

My brother makes the best brisket. It’s tender and has the right amount of seasoning. A little bit of horseradish mayo and shredded cabbage completed this sandwich, along with a side of sweet potatoes. I could eat brisket for days. What a luscious delicious score!


6 thoughts on “Brisket, whoa!

      • I love the purple potatoes, too! I have encountered three types so far, the local “Brastagi” potato which had purple flesh and brown skin, Japanese potato which has snow-white flesh but purplish skin and another type Japanese potato which is purple in and out.
        My most favorite potato is Cilembu Potato (Cilembu is a name of a town in Java Island – Indonesia). It is sandy brown outside and greenish yellow inside. It is nicknamed as “honey potato” for its natural sweetness. When it is hot (traditionally it is cooked by steaming it), it has a caramel-like sticky texture which is heavenly!

      • When I said potatoes I meant Sweet Potatoes. I somehow forgot to type the word “sweet”! LOL
        I think I should make a post about those wonderful local Indonesian sweet potatoes! 😀

      • I love Sweet Potatoes!

        Yes, I would love to see a post about Indonesian sweet potatoes! All of your food posts are awesome!

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