Four Olives. Yes, Please!


We went to Four Olives for dinner and it was fantastic.  We started out with Lamb Sliders and the Root Beer Braised Duroc Pork Belly with blue cheese polenta and sautéed spinach.  The Lamb Sliders with Maytag Blue were so “cute and small” (this is my term for awesome because technically, things that are “cute and small” such as puppies and baby turtles make my day) and the lamb, cucumber, and sauce melted together to make the perfect bite.


Lamb Sliders: My best friends on a plate.



The Root Beer Braised Duroc Pork Belly was solid!  The light sweet taste paired with the crispy crust, and salty meat came together when paired with the polenta and spinach.  OMG.

We ordered the following entrees: Elk with risotto and asparagus; Miso Honey Halibut with risotto and asparagus; and Shiraz-Braised Lamb Shank with Israeli couscous and sautéed spinach.


Elk = loveliness

The Elk was tender and delightful.  The black truffle sauce on top definitely made the dish.  It was like seeing a unicorn for the first time.



The Miso Honey Halibut was quite legit.  The halibut was tender and flaky, but the miso and honey made a light crust when cooked.  The risotto was cheesy and onion-y, and awesome with every bite.  I definitely would get this again.


Shank it.

Shiraz-Braised.Lamb.Shank.  It was so tender, a knife was unnecessary; it was a one-utensil-meal.  It was cooked perfectly and wonderful!

Don’t forget desert.  Yes, we managed.  *high-five*

I forgot to take pictures because I was so mesmerized by these sugary beauties.  We ordered the Tiramisu, Caramel Apple Bread Pudding, and Crème Brule.


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