Doughnuts that make you say, “whoa.”



Varsity Doughnuts is a local shop that sells the most delicious tasty treats around.  You can get your usual glazed and powder, but why do that when you can get your hands on Red Velvet, Chocolate Mousestache, or Maple Bacon.  Sign me up for the Red Velvet doughnut any time.  I need this doughnut, like yesterday.


I don’t want this bite to ever end.


4 thoughts on “Doughnuts that make you say, “whoa.”

  1. They look so yummy! Doughnut is one of three favorite sweet stuffs. The others are ice cream and chocolate.
    When it comes to doughnuts, I have always like the classic ones: simple holey doughnut with sugar powder and Dunkin’s Bavarian cream. 😀

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