Bo Ling’s!

I met my friend, Abbey for dinner at Bo Ling’s Chinese Restaurant.  It was awesome!  As an appetizer, we ordered crab rangoon and the chicken lettuce wraps.  Both apps were delicious, but the lettuce wraps seemed meager for the price.


Lettuce wraps. There were only three. 😦

Abbey orded the General Tsao’s chicken and I ordered the Empress Chicken (extra spicy). The Empress Chicken was good, but didn’t realize that the chicken was breaded.  It was tossed in a wonderful, spicy sauce mixed with red peppers, broccoli, and water chestnuts.  I also had a side of brown rice.


Empress Chicken for the win!


6 thoughts on “Bo Ling’s!

  1. The empress chicken looks so saucy!
    I have read about the history of General Tsao Chicken and Kung Pow Chicken. I know they are named after royal court officers. I wonder whom the Empress Chicken was named after! 😀
    (Gastronomical History Maniac mode on!)

    • Lol! It was awesome.

      That is interesting! I know Bo Ling’s have some authentic dishes, but we stuck to the more common ones. At a different location, they offer dim sum for lunch and it is amazing!

      • I looove dim sum! I do not know if it is a common practice or whatever they call it, but I there are many restaurants who sell dim sum for half of the day and then sell “heavier foods” for the other part of the day.
        A friend of mine runs a restaurant. She sells dim sum for brunch and steamboat for dinner! 😀

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