It was my friend Amy’s birthday and we celebrated at her favorite restaurant, El Maguey. I haven’t tried many menu items because I can’t get over the chicken fajitas. Although not pictured, the fajitas come with pico, lettuce, guac, sour cream, refried beans, and rice. Delish!


What’s up, free chips and salsa?!


6 thoughts on “Fajitas!

  1. Oh, I wish he got Latin American restaurant here! The only taco I know is the one sold in the frozen section of the supermarket! 😦

    • 😦

      I bet you could make something similar! Just chicken, onion, green peppers, and seasoning. Not sure what El Maguey uses, but maybe you could find a fajita seasoning at the grocery store!

      • Alrite! I’ll try to make one!
        By the way, the cabbage apple side dish was super delicious! I made it twice. I used pear instead of apple on the second time. It was more tangy and crunchy! 😀
        (I used green guava-pear. It is tougher. I think it is genetically crossed with guava)

      • Oh nice! Yay! 🙂

        It is really easy to make. 🙂 Yes, I can see where pear would be a great substitute for an apple! Awesome!

      • Next time I will try to make the cabbage side dish by using red, yellow and green paprika. It’s gonna be so festive! 😀 (Hopefully I will remember to take a photo before I finish it! LOL)

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