Biscuits that taste better than biscuits.


Legitimacy in a cute box.

Found these shortbread biscuits while visiting some friends.  It was a store dedicated with items only from Britain.  I could have spent all day in there — browsing the isles with shelves containing key chains, small stuffed animals, and delish food.  I forgot the store’s name.  Don’t judge.

I knew I wanted to purchase some biscuits for me and my friends to try, but had a hard time deciding.  Well, I finally chose these: Border Biscuits, Butterscotch Crunch.  After trying a couple before dinner, I knew I chose the right ones.  I just wanted to stuff all of them in my mouth.


These are so good, it would make a tadpole smack a whale ( I heard that from somewhere, maybe Paula Dean).


6 thoughts on “Biscuits that taste better than biscuits.

      • I have seen Border Biscuits in the big supermarket that sells Ritter Sports but I have never bought any, simply because I have never heard of it. 😀
        I think it should grab one, next time!

      • You should! They are awesome!

        Also, I know Ritter Sport is German, but this store also had the biggest assortment of Ritter Sport that I’ve ever seen!

      • Well, I have written both Ritter Sports and Border Biscuits in my shopping list. For now, I am pretty content with Coffee flavored peanuts and Crackers made of Melinjo seeds. 😀

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