The Burger Stand.

Met some friends in Lawrence, Kansas for a short visit and dinner.  Lawrence is the home of University of Kansas and it is a nice little city with cute shops, great places to eat, and a beautiful campus.  We went to The Burger Stand for fries… and burgers, of course!


So delish and hip!

This place is filled with total legitness.  There were drinks, good food, and a crowd mixed with students, middle-aged folks, kids… I loved how this place was so relaxed.  Also, they call your name on a microphone when your order is ready.  Apparently, Madonna was there that night.


Smokehouse burger and fries fried in duck fat. Oh, my mouth is watering.


Cajun fries. Crispy and spicy. You can’t go wrong.


“Oh, are these regular fries?” you ask. Nope! These are the famous truffle fries and I almost ate this entire basket. I can’t stop thinking about them!


This was my burger: The Classic with Vermont White Cheddar, and greens that were grown locally. Put a little mayo on it, and call this day done!

My friends let me know that The Burger Stand is all about supporting the local farmers in the area.  They get the beef locally, as well as the greens and the fresh hamburger buns are made by a baker down the street.

Last, but not least…


Poutine: Fries with cheese curds and gravy. OMG! This took my breath away. The cheese was melted and the gravy was fantastic. I believe this dish is popular in Canada.

I would definitely hit this place up again.  Next time, I will try the Catfish Po Boy and the Bourbon-Bacon-Cheddar Cheese Fries.  (And truffle fries.)  Happy Sunday!


7 thoughts on “The Burger Stand.

  1. Dr.Oz might never approve these pleasure bringers but who can actually walk away from them?! 😀
    (I am drooling!)

      • Does it really taste that good? I have never tried them. I once saw a celebrity chef made it on his own TV show. To be completely honest, I am not sure if I can find truffle oil here! (That Chef lives in Jakarta where almost all imported items are available) 😦

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