Minsky’s Pizza and Bar!

My computer hasn’t been working well, so my posts have been slim to none.  I think it’s finally fixed!  Here goes!

My friend and I decided to go to Minsky’s Pizza and Bar.  We heard that every thing was delish and were ready to get our eat on.

So we decided on the cheese bread for a quick treat before the meal.  The bread was crispy, soft, garlic-y, and super cheesy!  The marinara that accompanied the bread was great as well!  I would get this again.


Super cheese bread sticks!

I ordered the Meatball sub.  I have always wanted to order a meatball sub, but felt guilty about the calories, fat, etc.  Not this day.  I ordered with  excitement and knew I would cherish this treat forever. The meatballs were fantastic, and the cheese and marinara with the meatballs were like a match made heaven.



Minsky’s rock!  I’m coming back to this place again.


4 thoughts on “Minsky’s Pizza and Bar!

  1. Cheese, bread & marinara! (and fries!)
    If they got a branch in my hometown, I’m so gonna be a regular customer! 😀

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