Curly. Chips.

When I was little, I loved chips. My favorite chips were the ones with a “curly” edge or that were “folded” over. I always thought they were crunchier and tastier, for some reason. Upon finding one of these gems, I would put it to the side for later.

As I’ve gotten older, I still have a love for “curly” chips. Here’s a chip that I’ve recently found at a Mexican restaurant. Sure, we had more than chips and salsa, but this chip deserves a post on its own!


With a little salsa and sour cream, I will always remember you!


2 thoughts on “Curly. Chips.

  1. I love the idea of eating chips and any thin crackers with sauce. I have tried so many combinations that I actually lose counts. Who could have known that tortilla chips go really well with Sambal Bajak from Indonesia? 😀

    • Ohhh! Delish! Yes, I’m a big fan of “sauces” and “dips” where you can scoop it with a chip or cracker! It’s probably my biggest weakness!

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