No Meat Treat!

A friend and I went to a vegan restaurant called Fud (pronounced as Food, but I can’t find the symbol to put over the “u”).  Everything was fresh and I think they had a little garden in the back.



We started with the Nachitos.  They were a smaller version of the Nachos.  This little appetizer packed a lot of flavor and I didn’t miss the meat!  The organic corn chips were topped with nacho nut cheddar, El Cream (vegan sour cream), salsa, and guac.  These nachos were awesome!


So good! 😀

As an entree, I ordered the two fried tacos filled with Jack Phish (Jack fruit infused with chilies, cacao, and seaweed), cashew cheese, and lemon cream.  The duo came with a side of salsa and guac.  This was very de-lish and filling!


Jack Phish tacos!


Up-close. I can’t believe this doesn’t have meat!

During my second year of undergrad, a friend and I decided to go Vegan for a month. All we ate were veggie stir-frys, chips, and potatoes.  If Fud was around, I’m sure we would have been more motivated and creative.  This is a wonderful restaurant with a great mission!  I WILL go back again!


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