The Big Biscuit.

Any place named the The Big Biscuit is well worth checking out.  Although I thought it was a place where people can purchase biscuits in bulk (like Duncan Donuts), I was a little surprised when finding out it was a sit down restaurant.  Maybe, I just wanted a lot of biscuits.  Also, these restaurants are only in the Kansas City area.


Biscuits rule!

I ordered the three egg Western Omelet with onion, ham, green peppers, and cheddar.  It came with awesome hash browns and a biscuit!  The meal was hearty and delicious, but it was the biscuit and whipped butter that stood out like a shining star.


Two peas in a pod.


I could eat 6,548 of these. So light!

The biscuit was so light and soft in the inside, and slightly crusty on the outside.  It was like the person who baked them had kitten gloves on.  And the whipped butter!  Who does that?!

My friend got the biscuit and gravy, and two eggs.  She said the gravy was legit.  I’ll have to order that the next time.


This combo has to be illegal in at least five states.


3 thoughts on “The Big Biscuit.

  1. When I read the title of this post, I thought it was about a huge can of biscuit… something like the Famous Amos Combo Tin I bought in the airport. LOL

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