The Yard House!

I was introduced to a Yard House restaurant a few years back, but recently met up with some friends for delicious eats.  It was good the first time and this time as well!  There is only one location in the Kansas City area, but it looks like these restaurants are sprouting all over the place.



We all started we an order of Truffle Fries.  Remember my visit to the Burger Stand and my experience with their truffle fries?  Let’s just say that the Yard House doesn’t come close to what the Burger Stand has.  The Yard House Truffle Fries were still good, so I give them one thumb up!  Also, I love introducing people to the Truffle!


Second place, Truffle Fries!

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Breast sandwich.  I noticed that they had a few Korean inspired dishes and thought that was amazing, but I wanted to stick to something easy and spicy.  I asked for a side salad instead of the fries.  The chicken was good and the flat bread was fantastic!


Delightful combo!


Close-up! Look at the cajun aioli! Luscious!

It was a fun time catching up with friends, the environment was up-beat and fun, and the service was great!  I will be going more often, especially since there is a nice shopping area within walking distance.  Happy Sunday!


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