IN-N-OUT. Total Legitness.

If you go to California, you have to make a stop at IN-N-OUT and get a double!  And don’t forget the fries.  🙂 This classic burger place is always a highlight of my Cali trips.  Every time is like the first time: fresh and delicious.  One day I will get the 3×3.  🙂




I miss you.


So fresh and so clean, clean.


2 thoughts on “IN-N-OUT. Total Legitness.

  1. We were only in San Francisco a few days, and we kept saying, We’ll get there, we’ll get there. But we never did. So I’m at least happy to see what we missed! Especially back home where it’s MacDonald’s or nothing (well, there are good burgers at the local Brewmaster’s Tavern, but that’s not quite the same thing as in and out, or In-N-Out).

    • Oh, you’ll have to make a stop next time! I just love the simplicity of the menu and it’s such a classic place to stop when you’re in the West. This place -Brewmasters- sounds delish. Hope you post pics of your next visit! 🙂

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