Legit Kimbap.

Kimbap is one of my Korean favorites.  Before leaving Cali, we stopped at a S-Mart (Korean market) to check things out and grab a bite to eat.  S-Mart was awesome and they had ALL of my favorite foods in ready-to-eat packages.  It was like a Whole Foods, but with Korean food!  Every thing was fresh and delicious and I wish we were able to buy everything!  Instead, we picked up a couple of kimbaps and tteok (Korean rice cake).

People put different things in kimbap.  This roll had fish cakes, spinich, carrots, egg, and a Japanese radish called Takuan.  So good!


Kimbap like a boss.


So good.

Tteok means rice cake in Korean and there are different varieties. On this day, we bought dok covered in bean powder –which has a slight sweetness.  MMMMmmm.


Get yours.


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