Food from the heart.

While there were restaurants we wanted to experience in California, I really enjoyed the home cooked meals made by my friend’s family.  To sit around a dinner table, laughing, talking, and eating a home cooked meal makes for a fantastic time.  Penny’s Mom started in the morning by marinating chicken for grilling, preparing the gyoza (Asian dumplings), and a fresh soba noodle salad.  There was also rice, black beans, pickled cucumbers, a less spicy Kimchi (a Japanese version), and fresh steamed broccoli (with a creamy dipping sauce).

Everything was so awesome!  There were so many wonderful flavors and I could tell that Penny’s Mom put her heart into preparing this meal for us.  I loved seeing her laugh and smile as she was making sure everyone had enough to eat.  So legit.


Teriyaki marinated chicken skewers. *drool*


Pan fried gyoza. Put a little chili oil in the soy sauce and you’ve got yourself an awesome dipping sauce.


Soba noodle salad with a light sesame dressing. Along with the noodles were crab and romaine lettuce. So light!


Japanese version of Kimchi and picked cucumbers. Love the salty and sour of this combo. 🙂


Rounding off the meal with this green!


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