About Me


If you’ve eaten something that you would describe as “luscious delicious,” then you’ve scored!  This is real life!

What can I say?  I love food and am stoked for you to see all of my eating adventures.

For this, I wanted to catalog all of the good eats out there!  Some posts will be from home, made by yours truly, friends, or family. Other posts will be from places such as restaurants, bars, sandwich shops, fast food, etc.

What I can promise you, is that there will be tons of food photos for pure enjoyment. I am truly thankful for my experiences!  Hope you find your luscious delicious score!

Reach out by emailing me at lusciousdeliciousscoreATgmailDOTcom.



11 thoughts on “About Me

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      • Yay! Lisa’s back!
        I hope you store for your photos separately in a disc or hard-disk. I update it like once every six month. I lost some of my photos once due to computer virus but I manage to recover 80% of them.

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