Coffee on campus

When receiving my latte from The Roasterie on campus, I was very surprised, but pleased.  He had decorated it with a little leaf on top and I had two thoughts: 1) This is a coffee shop on a college campus.  Why would they take the time to do this?  2) I loved it!  I expressed my thankfulness to the barista, letting him know that I thought it was too pretty to put a lid on it.  As I drank it, I would lift the lid sometimes to see if the leaf was still there.  🙂  IMG_1395 Usually when I get coffee, the lid is already on it and even if the barista did something cool, I would never know.  The Roasterie has a great presentation and I love stopping there to get a tasty treat.  It’s the little details that put spice in my day and make me thankful.



This morning I went to a free nutrition class, then had coffee at Crows Coffee with a friend, and pho for lunch at Pho Vietnam!  Winter is definitely upon us, and I’ve been craving pho for a bit.  The broth was tasty and I love how the bean sprouts add crunch.  The lime adds a little sour and the added Siracha packs in a little kick.  A bowl of goodness and it was awesome!  What a way to start the weekend!


Bowl of legitness.


Coffee at Crows Coffee. So good. They make their own pumpkin syrup and their baked goods are made locally. 😀


A little addition to the bowl of legitness.

Knafeh Cafe!

When meeting up in California, my friends suggested we meet at Knafeh Cafe for some treats and tea.  They have awesome Mediterranean pastries and the environment was chill.  As we sat outside eating our baklava (the best), knafeh slices, and tea, we had a great time catching up and laughing!

Knafeh’s baklava was amazing with it’s sweetness and flaky phyllo dough.  And the amount of walnuts was perfect!  Knafeh reminds me of a pizza, but it’s actually a dessert and has a layer of creamy cheese –like pizza.  🙂  It’s covered in either honey or simple syrup.  It was outrageously good!




Knafeh in it’s prime.


Baklava! Yes, please!


Baklava to-go! 🙂