Oh. Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas.

One my of my favorite treats are chocolate covered frozen bananas.  So when I went to Cali, my friends took me to Balboa Island which houses the two places that claim to be the original frozen banana stand.  I took the plunge and had TWO frozen bananas that day –one from The Original Frozen Banana Stand and one from Dad’s Original.

Prices were comparable from both stands, but Dad’s Original had better service and you could see all the toppings from the window –which was cool to see when it was your banana’s turn to get dressed up.  🙂  Also, both stands sell Balboa bars, which is ice cream on stick and covered in your choice of topping.  Both places were good, but Dad’s Original was better!  It was more fun over there.  

I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!  Great treats with great friends in an awesome place.  Balboa was cute and small, but I will always remember the chocolate covered frozen bananas.  Ok, I’m going to lift!  Happy Saturday!    


Welcome. 🙂




Hmmm. What should I get? 🙂


Ok. This is my Original Frozen Banana –it is covered in Oreo. 🙂


Frozen banana time!


I like this place better. Look at those awesome cut-outs. How cool?!


… and the menu is so simple! 🙂


Here’s mine from Dad’s Original — with butter brickle! This was the best one! I could eat 5,698 of these.




Twinkies are a once-in-awhile treat!  Although, I could trash the entire box, only one will do.  The first bite always brings me back to my childhood.  Remember those “Hostess” days filled with chocolate cup cakes or Twinkies?!  The best!


What?! What?!


Hey there!


Ritter Sport the deuce.


Total legitness.

Wow. It’s been awhile since blogging, but I think I’m back… again. Starting this one with some fantastic Ritter Sport -my absolute favorite chocolate! We have, white chocolate with crisps (milk chocolate with crisps is the best), coconut macaroon, and a white/milk chocolate duo with fig. Totally legit and I love trying out new ones! Happy Sunday!


You know this.

Red Velvet Cake!


What a delightful surprise from a gas station!

I love red velvet cake and I’ve had my fair share of it!  While craving something sweet, I stopped by a gas station on my way home.  As I began my search for a tasty treat, I found this little gem in the refrigerated section!  I had to try it because I love cold cake!  The cake was awesome and the perfect size!


I was so excited, I forgot to take a picture of it opened!