Obon Carnival!

Hosted by the Orange County Buddhist Church, the Obon Carnival is a tradition to celebrate ancestors –which is observed by the Japanese culture.  There was food (lots of food), booths that people could do a little shopping, games for the kids, and dancing!  Lots of dancing and it was beautiful!  This festival was very welcoming and the environment was fun.  Mostly, we just watched people dance and ate a lot.  🙂  Here’s what we got:


Grilled squid! Yum!


Grilling! He was awesome!


The grilled squid was legit! Very good!


Making red bean buns. Omg. So good!


Up close on the red bean bun. It was like a pancake with red beans. My favorite two things together. 🙂


One more bite of perfections! 🙂


Rice with grilled beef! Delish!

So thankful for this experience during our trip to California.  If I am ever in the area and the Obon Carnival is going on, I’m attending!  It’s a good time!  🙂