Tasty Treats.

There’s something about chocolate covered strawberries that allow me to indulge and not feel guilty.  Maybe it’s because strawberries are good for you!  But the chocolate definitely counteracts the healthy.  🙂 When these huge, chocolate covered strawberries were presented to me, I took the biggest one and enjoyed every bite.  What an awesome way to get your daily fruit in for the day!  😀



Oranges make the perfect snack.

I don’t always eat citrus, but when eating a orange, it’s the perfect reminder that I should consume more.  Oranges are awesome when they’re cold and hold up easily when traveling.  Everyone should have a little orange in their life.  🙂





Kamo’s Favorite!

My friend Kamo introduced me to this awesome Korean snack.  When opening the package, there were many thin cracker-like squares, and my first thought was that the snack would be salty.  It wasn’t.  Instead, these little squares packed a light sweet taste like a cookie!  I need to find these at the market!  Also, the lady on the package is very stylish with her outfit and riding the scooter-bike thingy!  🙂


Little. Yet, there were like a 100 little square cookies in there!


Accidentally uploaded this pic from the Japanese festival in Cali. I’ll be blogging about this soon, but decided to leave it here! 🙂


So little and delicious! 🙂

Legit Kimbap.

Kimbap is one of my Korean favorites.  Before leaving Cali, we stopped at a S-Mart (Korean market) to check things out and grab a bite to eat.  S-Mart was awesome and they had ALL of my favorite foods in ready-to-eat packages.  It was like a Whole Foods, but with Korean food!  Every thing was fresh and delicious and I wish we were able to buy everything!  Instead, we picked up a couple of kimbaps and tteok (Korean rice cake).

People put different things in kimbap.  This roll had fish cakes, spinich, carrots, egg, and a Japanese radish called Takuan.  So good!


Kimbap like a boss.


So good.

Tteok means rice cake in Korean and there are different varieties. On this day, we bought dok covered in bean powder –which has a slight sweetness.  MMMMmmm.


Get yours.


Twinkies are a once-in-awhile treat!  Although, I could trash the entire box, only one will do.  The first bite always brings me back to my childhood.  Remember those “Hostess” days filled with chocolate cup cakes or Twinkies?!  The best!


What?! What?!


Hey there!



If I do candy, chocolate would be my choice, but this candy dish in a colleague’s office will do!  Lemon Heads for the win!  AND OMG, this is my 100th post!  Here’s to more!  🙂


Chewy Lemon Heads!