During Kanas City’s Restaurant Week, my friends and I had a difficult time choosing a meeting place.  From the long list of participating restaurants in the area, we knew it would take some time to look at the menu and settle –so many great places! We decided to meet at Q39 and it was the best choice ever!  Not only was the bbq really good, but we got try a lot of their menu items for a great price because of restaurant week.  I chose the platter with three meets: sausage, pulled pork, and smoked chicken.  Sides were potato salad and cole slaw.  Also, we started with onion straws, salad, and fries.  We did everything right.  🙂


Sorry the pics have been smaller, but lately I’ve been using my phone and not the Nikon! Wish you were here!

It’s lovely times like these, where I really take in the moments.  As a foodie, I appreciate the culinary aspect, but I really enjoy spending time with my friends.  I am thankful for the opportunities that I am able to experience- my heart is full.  As I’ve explored the Kansas City area for the past two years, it’s times like these that make it hard to even think about moving to a different place.

Oh, and we also had dessert.  🙂


Warm apple cobbler with legit ice cream. Thankful!


The Patio Grille and Bar.

Went to The Patio Grille in Manhattan, KS for dinner! With a chill atmosphere, it felt like home.  For starters, we had the coconut shrimp – which was quite legit.  I could have eaten 6, 987 of them.  Promise.


I ordered the Pulled Pork Nachos.  I know, I know, it wasn’t anything super special, but they tasted great.  The pulled pork had a sweet bbq sauce and with the spicy queso cheese, every bite was legit.  Just wished it came with some pico or fresh guacamole.  It was a great time with the family!  🙂


Ribs and Slaw.



Two of favorite things: smoked ribs with a dry rub and purple cabbage slaw. Now, this is lunch!

The ribs’ smokiness and spices go together like two peas in a pod.  The crunchy, sweet cole slaw complements as a side dish.  AND I topped it off with a Diet Coke! Oh, and did I ever mention my love for Diet Coke?  (Let’s leave that subject for another post!)

Kansas City is known for their BBQ and here are few of my favorite places:
Arthur Bryant’s– Any sandwich with fries will do and they’re sausage is legitimate. Also, I took a tour of the back of the restaurant  and learned a few things about the kitchen, smoking meat, and the history of this awesome place.

Gates BBQ– I love their ribs, fries, fried shrimp, and seasoned veggies (these aren’t like your regular veggies!).  My friend Rob introduced me to Gates and have loved that place since!

Smokin’ Guns– Great brisket and turkey!

Oklahoma Joe’s– Awesome ribs and that’s all you need to know!