Fish Tacos.

Fish Tacos

As I’ve stated in previous posts, cod is my favorite meat of the sea. Fish tacos were on the menu and of course cod was the focal point. The crunchy cabbage adds crunch and I love the flavor of corn tortillas! With a little salsa and a lot of guacamole, this became a hearty meal. I may or may not have had a third one!


Pork and Cabbage.

Pork and Cabbage.

I got to use some of the pork I cut during my butchering class at the Local Pig. In my last post, I forgot to mention that each person in the class got to bring home 10 lbs of the pork.

For this meal, we used the pork chops. I didn’t realize that they were super thick, so I had to cut them – while cutting them, I had a flashback to the butchering class. Awesome place.

The pork chops were seasoned, lightly floured, and pan fried. I did tenderize them a little to cut down on the cooking time. Since this is my first time not eating pork from the grocery store, I can that there is a difference in taste. The taste of a local pig from the Local Pig has a wonderful flavor, super juicy, and tender. Can’t wait to try the other cuts.

A cabbage side dish consisted of awesome cabbage, an apple, bacon, dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, and whipping cream, which settled well with the crispy pork pieces. I had seconds.