Friends that cook!

Inviting me for dinner, I knew my friend Amea would make something delicious.  She made a chicken white chili, cornbread, and I brought over some veggies and dill dip.  The chili was amazing:  perfectly seasoned, warm, and hearty.  An added bonus was the cornbread, and between Amea, Soloman, and me, it got demolished. It was great to eat, catch up, and laugh.  Good times!




Omg. Who put all that butter on my cornbread?


Perfect plate.

Grilled steak, cheese cauliflower, and mushroom risotto.  What a perfect plate with the most perfect foods.  🙂  As my sister-in-law made the awesome sides, my brother grilled the steak and dinner was served.  In a previous post, I’ve talked how tough risotto is to make (well, in my opinion) and this was my sister-in-law’s first time.  She did great!  The steak was awesome and the cheese cauliflower was so good –better than cheesy potatoes.  🙂



Taco Bell Breakfast.

Ok!  I forgot about this one.  When Taco Bell first came out with their new breakfast line, I knew that I would have to try it at least once.  By the time I got there, they were getting ready for lunch, but were able to make me one of the waffle tacos.  I asked for bacon.

The waffle was sweet, the eggs were processed, the bacon crisp, cheese for days, and they give you two syrups to dip the taco in.  I avoided the syrup, and rather enjoyed the taco itself.  I won’t eat it again, but glad to have experienced it!  🙂


Once in a life time…

Applebees’ appetizer!

Applebees' appetizer!

I dream of soft pretzels and cheese, sometimes. And there’s Jason’s arm.

I don’t go to Applebees very often, but it worked out! I met some friends from out of town and we had a blast. As for food, the only note worthy item for the night was the appetizer. We picked the Ultimate Trio with steak quesadilla towers, brew pub pretzels and beer cheese dip, and the chicken wonton tacos. All three were pretty good, but the pretzels and cheese dip took the spot light. The pretzels were soft and the cheese dip was rich with a hint of beer. We may or may not have ordered more of them.