Friends that cook!

Inviting me for dinner, I knew my friend Amea would make something delicious.  She made a chicken white chili, cornbread, and I brought over some veggies and dill dip.  The chili was amazing:  perfectly seasoned, warm, and hearty.  An added bonus was the cornbread, and between Amea, Soloman, and me, it got demolished. It was great to eat, catch up, and laugh.  Good times!




Omg. Who put all that butter on my cornbread?


Chili Time!


Get yours.

Seven Pounds chili strikes again!  It’s called Seven Pounds chili because there is seven pounds of meat in this hearty chili!  Grass fed beef, bacon, sausage… no beans, just meat.  Top it off with fresh shredded parmesan, sour cream, and sliced avocado, and your world will be complete.  We also had grilled cheese to accompany this bowl of gloriousness.  Cold nights have just gotten a little warmer.

It’s Nice to Meat You.

Chili day!  This chili is called Seven Pounds.  It’s because there is seven pounds of meat (bacon, beef, and venison) in it.  There are no beans.  Just meat AND lots of it.  Top it off with some shredded cheddar, avocado, and sour cream, and you have a bowl of legitness (I just made up that word).