Tasty Treats.

There’s something about chocolate covered strawberries that allow me to indulge and not feel guilty.  Maybe it’s because strawberries are good for you!  But the chocolate definitely counteracts the healthy.  🙂 When these huge, chocolate covered strawberries were presented to me, I took the biggest one and enjoyed every bite.  What an awesome way to get your daily fruit in for the day!  😀



Snow Station -California!

I just got back from California – a well needed trip!  We ate A LOT of food, but the Snow Station was one of my favorite places during vacation.  They call it “shaved snow” which reminds me of shaved ice with ice cream mixed in.  So it’s icy and creamy, and the flavors and toppings are out of this world.  This place is amazing.  I’m craving it as I write this!


My favorite!

This place is craaaazy good!  My favorite was Brandon’s Breakfast: Vanilla shaved snow, cereal toppings, pound cake, bananas, and condensed milk.  This was legit.  As of now, Snow Station is only available in CA, but I would love for them to make their move towards the east coast, but drop one in the Kansas City area.  OR maybe I’ll just have to move to Cali…


Strawberry and Vanilla with mochi, strawberries, and white chocolate! Yum!

There were a lot of us eating and we demolished all of it.  🙂




Taro and Green Tea with mochi, tapioca balls (?) -either way, the peach looking balls were awesome!


Brandon’s Breakfast!


Strawberry Shortcake! OMG!

Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott.

For my birthday, my friend bought me some French Macaroons from Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott in Kansas City, MO.  There was champaign, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, and mulberry.  ALL of them were awesome and perfect.  The lightness and smooth texture makes it feel almost guiltless -like eating air.  🙂 Absolutely the best!DSC_0751

Ritter Sport the deuce.


Total legitness.

Wow. It’s been awhile since blogging, but I think I’m back… again. Starting this one with some fantastic Ritter Sport -my absolute favorite chocolate! We have, white chocolate with crisps (milk chocolate with crisps is the best), coconut macaroon, and a white/milk chocolate duo with fig. Totally legit and I love trying out new ones! Happy Sunday!


You know this.

Ritter Sport Chocolates.


One day, I was at Target and decided to pick up a tasty treat when I saw Ritter Sport’s Milk Chocolate Butter Biscuit. My life changed a little that day and have been a huge fan since. Butter Biscuit is my favorite, but Milk Chocolate Cornflakes comes pretty close. It doesn’t matter because they are ALL good!

Which one would you choose as a tasty treat?