Friends that cook!

Inviting me for dinner, I knew my friend Amea would make something delicious.  She made a chicken white chili, cornbread, and I brought over some veggies and dill dip.  The chili was amazing:  perfectly seasoned, warm, and hearty.  An added bonus was the cornbread, and between Amea, Soloman, and me, it got demolished. It was great to eat, catch up, and laugh.  Good times!




Omg. Who put all that butter on my cornbread?


I miss Summer. A little. :)

I’m starting to miss the foods that are associated with summer.  The BBQ’s, fresh fruits, veggies, etc.   One that stands out is this salsa that a friend made.  I pretty much ate the whole thing and it was awesome.  I know we can eat these things during winter, but sometimes it’s so much better when the weather is a little warmer outside.


Corn, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, green peppers… and cucumbers! Sprinkle some lime juice, and you’re good to go!


Here is a closer look, if you needed it. 😀

La Hacienda.

La Hacienda has the best tacos ever!  For a $1.50, you get a choice of pork, beef, or chicken.  These tacos come with onion, cilantro, and your choice of salsa on a fresh corn tortilla.  Total authentic legintness any way you look at it!


La Hacienda, Manhattan, KS

I got three chicken and one pork.  I know four may seem a lot, but these fellas were a little on the small side.  Nonetheless, these got demolished and left me wanting a couple more!  So good!  The chicken and pork were seasoned perfectly, and the onion and cilantro pulled everything together.  The corn tortilla was awesome!  These tacos are my heroes!  Also, this little eatery is connected to a grocery store where they sell everything hispanic!  How cool is that!?


Legitness in a corn tortilla! Yay!