Coffee on campus

When receiving my latte from The Roasterie on campus, I was very surprised, but pleased.  He had decorated it with a little leaf on top and I had two thoughts: 1) This is a coffee shop on a college campus.  Why would they take the time to do this?  2) I loved it!  I expressed my thankfulness to the barista, letting him know that I thought it was too pretty to put a lid on it.  As I drank it, I would lift the lid sometimes to see if the leaf was still there.  🙂  IMG_1395 Usually when I get coffee, the lid is already on it and even if the barista did something cool, I would never know.  The Roasterie has a great presentation and I love stopping there to get a tasty treat.  It’s the little details that put spice in my day and make me thankful.


Ginger Sue’s!

My friend Abbey and I went to one her favorite breakfast spots called, Ginger Sue’s.  While waiting for a table, we soaked in the sun and conversed, but not for very long.  The environment was simple and clean.  The breakfast items dominated the menu, so that’s always a good sign for the first meal of the day.  🙂

I ordered the farmer’s omelet with veggies and goat cheese, and it came with a biscuit and a side –I chose fruit.  Also, I added a blueberry pancake.  Everything was wonderful!  The goat cheese was a perfect addition to the omelet and the biscuit was literally perfect.  I liked that fresh apples and bananas were involved in the fruit side and for the first time, I couldn’t finish the pancake.

Abbey and I pretty much closed the place down as we sat there talking for hours and finished our coffee.  Awesome place to have breakfast!


Wonderfulness on a plate!


Look at the little pocket of syrup. Always, my favorite part of the pancake. 😀

Knafeh Cafe!

When meeting up in California, my friends suggested we meet at Knafeh Cafe for some treats and tea.  They have awesome Mediterranean pastries and the environment was chill.  As we sat outside eating our baklava (the best), knafeh slices, and tea, we had a great time catching up and laughing!

Knafeh’s baklava was amazing with it’s sweetness and flaky phyllo dough.  And the amount of walnuts was perfect!  Knafeh reminds me of a pizza, but it’s actually a dessert and has a layer of creamy cheese –like pizza.  🙂  It’s covered in either honey or simple syrup.  It was outrageously good!




Knafeh in it’s prime.


Baklava! Yes, please!


Baklava to-go! 🙂

I <3 coffee!

I don’t know what it is, but coffee makes me happy.  The combination of coffee (in any form), cream, and sugar … oh man!  I love the bitterness, creamy, and slight sweet taste in one drink.  Casually drinking coffee during my undergrad while studying, it wasn’t until I started my first job when my love for coffee became real 🙂  When I was little, I used to think that if I ever started to drink coffee in the morning, I was officially old.  Well, I guess I became old in 2012.  🙂


After a week long cleanse from coffee, this was my first cup back! Ahhh! 🙂

Baked goods all the way!

85 Degree Celsius Bakery is wonderful!  The Taiwanese founder wanted to create an affordable bakery with quality ingredients.  Of course the first store was in Taiwan and now there are locations all over California.  It has a fun atmosphere where an employee yells, “baked goods” when refilling the shelves of delicious breads, pastries, etc.  If not bringing out the baked goods, the other employees yell, “baked goods” back.  I joined in and yelled as well!  🙂

I got to enjoy the cheese garlic bread, mango bread, raising bread, and the almond half moon –not all at the same time.  🙂 The almond half moon was the only thing that got it’s picture taken for this blog; the others were eaten too quickly and didn’t make the cut.  Everything was so legit, soft, and perfectly sweetened.  I also got to enjoy an iced latte.  So goooood!


Legit city.


I didn’t get time to experience these gems, but there’s always next time! 🙂


Almond Half Moon! Yay! It’s so beautiful!


Look how fluffy it is! And the cream is light too!