Kamo’s Favorite!

My friend Kamo introduced me to this awesome Korean snack.  When opening the package, there were many thin cracker-like squares, and my first thought was that the snack would be salty.  It wasn’t.  Instead, these little squares packed a light sweet taste like a cookie!  I need to find these at the market!  Also, the lady on the package is very stylish with her outfit and riding the scooter-bike thingy!  🙂


Little. Yet, there were like a 100 little square cookies in there!


Accidentally uploaded this pic from the Japanese festival in Cali. I’ll be blogging about this soon, but decided to leave it here! 🙂


So little and delicious! 🙂


Ritter Sport the deuce.


Total legitness.

Wow. It’s been awhile since blogging, but I think I’m back… again. Starting this one with some fantastic Ritter Sport -my absolute favorite chocolate! We have, white chocolate with crisps (milk chocolate with crisps is the best), coconut macaroon, and a white/milk chocolate duo with fig. Totally legit and I love trying out new ones! Happy Sunday!


You know this.