Mmmmm. Ramen.


So legit! With an egg too!!

My love for ramen will always be strong.  It’s so good and any kind will do.  From spicy to loaded with veggies and beef, bring it on!  There is a ramen place near my work that I will have to try some time!  Also, since Fall has arrived, it’s officially ramen season.  Yay!


Legit Kimbap.

Kimbap is one of my Korean favorites.  Before leaving Cali, we stopped at a S-Mart (Korean market) to check things out and grab a bite to eat.  S-Mart was awesome and they had ALL of my favorite foods in ready-to-eat packages.  It was like a Whole Foods, but with Korean food!  Every thing was fresh and delicious and I wish we were able to buy everything!  Instead, we picked up a couple of kimbaps and tteok (Korean rice cake).

People put different things in kimbap.  This roll had fish cakes, spinich, carrots, egg, and a Japanese radish called Takuan.  So good!


Kimbap like a boss.


So good.

Tteok means rice cake in Korean and there are different varieties. On this day, we bought dok covered in bean powder –which has a slight sweetness.  MMMMmmm.


Get yours.

Egg Muffin.

My sister-in-law made these egg muffins that were out of this world!  Of course there was egg, but spinach, and prosciutto were added to the mix.  So light and fluffy.  I could eat 54 of these.  Total legitness on this morning!  Great breakfast, but easy for a snack later.


Tiny, but oh so tasty!