Ginger Sue’s!

My friend Abbey and I went to one her favorite breakfast spots called, Ginger Sue’s.  While waiting for a table, we soaked in the sun and conversed, but not for very long.  The environment was simple and clean.  The breakfast items dominated the menu, so that’s always a good sign for the first meal of the day.  🙂

I ordered the farmer’s omelet with veggies and goat cheese, and it came with a biscuit and a side –I chose fruit.  Also, I added a blueberry pancake.  Everything was wonderful!  The goat cheese was a perfect addition to the omelet and the biscuit was literally perfect.  I liked that fresh apples and bananas were involved in the fruit side and for the first time, I couldn’t finish the pancake.

Abbey and I pretty much closed the place down as we sat there talking for hours and finished our coffee.  Awesome place to have breakfast!


Wonderfulness on a plate!


Look at the little pocket of syrup. Always, my favorite part of the pancake. 😀


Taco Bell Breakfast.

Ok!  I forgot about this one.  When Taco Bell first came out with their new breakfast line, I knew that I would have to try it at least once.  By the time I got there, they were getting ready for lunch, but were able to make me one of the waffle tacos.  I asked for bacon.

The waffle was sweet, the eggs were processed, the bacon crisp, cheese for days, and they give you two syrups to dip the taco in.  I avoided the syrup, and rather enjoyed the taco itself.  I won’t eat it again, but glad to have experienced it!  🙂


Once in a life time…

Easy Like a Sunday Morning!

Easy Like a Sunday Morning!

Adding the simplest thing, such as spinach to eggs can pack a heartier meal and add more fiber. Lately, I have been on a spinach kick- eating it with everything! Oh, and don’t forget the hot sauce! Love it!

The Big Biscuit.

Any place named the The Big Biscuit is well worth checking out.  Although I thought it was a place where people can purchase biscuits in bulk (like Duncan Donuts), I was a little surprised when finding out it was a sit down restaurant.  Maybe, I just wanted a lot of biscuits.  Also, these restaurants are only in the Kansas City area.


Biscuits rule!

I ordered the three egg Western Omelet with onion, ham, green peppers, and cheddar.  It came with awesome hash browns and a biscuit!  The meal was hearty and delicious, but it was the biscuit and whipped butter that stood out like a shining star.


Two peas in a pod.


I could eat 6,548 of these. So light!

The biscuit was so light and soft in the inside, and slightly crusty on the outside.  It was like the person who baked them had kitten gloves on.  And the whipped butter!  Who does that?!

My friend got the biscuit and gravy, and two eggs.  She said the gravy was legit.  I’ll have to order that the next time.


This combo has to be illegal in at least five states.

… with a side of French Toast!

... with a side of French Toast!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of french toast. It was a lot, but I managed. Classic!



I met some friends for breakfast at Panera. I usually hit up Panera during the lunch time, so breakfast was new for me. I ordered the bacon, egg, and cheese on Asiago Foccacia bread. I also ordered a red velvet cookie, since it was free on my Panera rewards card! The sandwich was good, but small and not worth the price (in my opinion). Maybe if a side, such as an apple or another piece of fruit were offered, it would have sweetened up the deal. The red velvet cookie was legit and yes, I did share.


Red Velvet cookie on the right. Love!