During Kanas City’s Restaurant Week, my friends and I had a difficult time choosing a meeting place.  From the long list of participating restaurants in the area, we knew it would take some time to look at the menu and settle –so many great places! We decided to meet at Q39 and it was the best choice ever!  Not only was the bbq really good, but we got try a lot of their menu items for a great price because of restaurant week.  I chose the platter with three meets: sausage, pulled pork, and smoked chicken.  Sides were potato salad and cole slaw.  Also, we started with onion straws, salad, and fries.  We did everything right.  🙂


Sorry the pics have been smaller, but lately I’ve been using my phone and not the Nikon! Wish you were here!

It’s lovely times like these, where I really take in the moments.  As a foodie, I appreciate the culinary aspect, but I really enjoy spending time with my friends.  I am thankful for the opportunities that I am able to experience- my heart is full.  As I’ve explored the Kansas City area for the past two years, it’s times like these that make it hard to even think about moving to a different place.

Oh, and we also had dessert.  🙂


Warm apple cobbler with legit ice cream. Thankful!


IN-N-OUT. Total Legitness.

If you go to California, you have to make a stop at IN-N-OUT and get a double!  And don’t forget the fries.  🙂 This classic burger place is always a highlight of my Cali trips.  Every time is like the first time: fresh and delicious.  One day I will get the 3×3.  🙂




I miss you.


So fresh and so clean, clean.

The Eldridge.

The Eldridge is not only a fabulous hotel in Lawrence, Kansas, but it also has a great happy hour and on Thursdays, it’s half off of martinis!  At this happy hour, we decided to get dinner as well.  I got the chicken club sandwich with fries.  The fries came out piping hot and were the best part of the meal.  The chicken sandwich came with bacon -which is always a good a combo!  It’s a chill environment and so fun.  We’ve been back since, and every time the food and drinks have been great!


Delish!  Yay for fries!

Free State Brewery.

We went to Free State Brewery for lunch.  The set up of the restaurant/brewery was awesome and the food was pretty great as well!  We started out with onion rings.  We may or may not have ate quite a few before I remembered to take a pic.  🙂



I ordered the Fish and Chips.  The fish was awesome, but you only get one and the fries were not good.  Along with a tasty tarter sauce, I also used some malt vinegar – so good!  Can’t wait to try some more items off the menu from this place!


Fish -good. Fries -gross.


Hereford House #2.

Upon deciding what to eat for dinner, my friend Steve and I decided the Hereford House because we were able to sit on the patio and enjoy the weather.  It was happy hour and we decided to get many appetizers instead of meals.  This was perfect.


Flatbread unite!

This flatbread item was new on the menu.  It had pesto, caramelized onions and, and parm cheese.  The combination was awesome and I could have eaten the whole thing myself, except that I was sharing with someone.


Boneless buffalo chicken with fries with a side of awesome, ranch dressing.

The boneless buffalo honey chicken wasn’t something to write home about.  It had a spicy kick, but also a sweet note due to the honey.  The sweetness overcrowded the spiciness, and I wasn’t too excited.  It was like the Hereford House was trying to be super fancy; please don’t be fancy when it comes to buffalo sauce.  Nonetheless, we demolished the whole thing because that’s what we do.


Fish and chips.

The fish and chips were delightful!  The fish was light and crispy on the outside, and hearty inside.  I’m pretty sure they used cod -which is my favorite fish of all time.  Of course, the fries were legit and the tarter sauce hit the spot.


Calamari and the red pepper-awesome-sauce!

The calamari was good.  It was not over-cooked, and delicious.  The red pepper aioli sauce was super de-lish.  So de-lish, I may or may not have thought about drinking the leftovers.  I would order this again.

Overall, the appetizers were good.  Due to our mood, we stuck with traditional foods. Looking back, we should have ordered 45 flatbreads and nothing else.  I’m excited to try other things on the menu or maybe try a meal!

Minsky’s Pizza and Bar!

My computer hasn’t been working well, so my posts have been slim to none.  I think it’s finally fixed!  Here goes!

My friend and I decided to go to Minsky’s Pizza and Bar.  We heard that every thing was delish and were ready to get our eat on.

So we decided on the cheese bread for a quick treat before the meal.  The bread was crispy, soft, garlic-y, and super cheesy!  The marinara that accompanied the bread was great as well!  I would get this again.


Super cheese bread sticks!

I ordered the Meatball sub.  I have always wanted to order a meatball sub, but felt guilty about the calories, fat, etc.  Not this day.  I ordered with  excitement and knew I would cherish this treat forever. The meatballs were fantastic, and the cheese and marinara with the meatballs were like a match made heaven.



Minsky’s rock!  I’m coming back to this place again.