I heart Korean food.

Here are some more pictures of Korean food.  During the California trip, I definitely had my fair share of it.  Couldn’t stop.  I love banchan (Korean side dishes), kalbi (marinated beef), and kimchi cheegae (kimchi soup)!


I could look at this photo for days…


Spicy, delicious, and legit in one bowl. Perfect.


Meat sweats for days.

During my trip to Cali, I had my fair share of Korean BBQ.  It was amazing!  These places are all-you-can eat, and I took full of advantage.  The menus are filled with all kinds of meats from Kobe beef to small intestines.  With the meat came all the ban chan (Korean side dishes) your heart desires.


Huntington Beach location!

My friends wanted to take me to Gen’s Korean BBQ in Huntington Beach.  This place was great and had such a fun environment.  The service was awesome and quick!  Besides the loads of sirloin, we also tried the following: Hawaiian steak, garlic chicken with jalepeno cheese sauce, pork belly, and bulgogi.  The ban chan was also good and I loved all the different flavors.  I would hit this place again during my next visit.


All the ban chan –Korean side dishes– we could eat! Never ending…


Let the meat sweats begin. Sirloin. OMG.


Round two. 🙂


Round three?!


This place is awesome!


I make connections every day; it’s not hard for me.  However, for those connections to make it to the next level, well, that’s another story. 🙂  So when I met my friend, Sue, we connected instantly and I have enjoyed every conversation, meal, and just hanging out!  She and her family have welcomed me with open arms AND they enjoy food as much as I do.  I feel like we’ve known each other forever and I am so excited to meet such a great friend.  The first time I came over for dinner, Sue had made a huge Korean dinner.  There was Kalbi (marinated beef), kimchi, japchae, saam (lettuce wraps), and so much more.  We had a great time!


Kimchi. Legit.


Fried Mondu. Super legit.


Kalbi. Legit would be a understatement.


Japchae. The best.


“Ponytail” Kimchi!

Although there many types of kimchi, I love this one! It’s spicy, crunchy, salty, and sour! In Korean, Chonggak kimchi means “ponytail” kimchi. People also make this kimchi cut up into bite size pieces called Kkakdugi. Accompany any kimchi with some rice and a meat dish (or not), and you are all set with a wonderful meal! I LOVE kimchi!

Orion Choco Pie.


Growing up, these lovely little circles was a favorite of yours truly. The chocolate, cake… and the marshmallow middle!  The marshmallow middle!  So when I saw them on sale at the Oriental Market, I had to buy a box.  It’s been awhile since I have had one, so this was definitely a tasty treat.  I try not to go down the “snack” isle, but it’s always fun to reminisce about the treats I used to eat as a kid.


P.S.  I may or may not have almost driven into a snow bank while eating a Choco Pie.  Also, I may or may not have eaten two within twenty minutes.  Ha!




Shin Ramen is my favorite when it comes to packaged noodles. On most occasions (ok, ALL occasions), I will drop an egg in to make the ramen even more delicious. Add a side of radish kimchi and you’re good to go!


Radish Kimchi. The best.