Snow Station -California!

I just got back from California – a well needed trip!  We ate A LOT of food, but the Snow Station was one of my favorite places during vacation.  They call it “shaved snow” which reminds me of shaved ice with ice cream mixed in.  So it’s icy and creamy, and the flavors and toppings are out of this world.  This place is amazing.  I’m craving it as I write this!


My favorite!

This place is craaaazy good!  My favorite was Brandon’s Breakfast: Vanilla shaved snow, cereal toppings, pound cake, bananas, and condensed milk.  This was legit.  As of now, Snow Station is only available in CA, but I would love for them to make their move towards the east coast, but drop one in the Kansas City area.  OR maybe I’ll just have to move to Cali…


Strawberry and Vanilla with mochi, strawberries, and white chocolate! Yum!

There were a lot of us eating and we demolished all of it.  🙂




Taro and Green Tea with mochi, tapioca balls (?) -either way, the peach looking balls were awesome!


Brandon’s Breakfast!


Strawberry Shortcake! OMG!


Another day, another donut!


Varsity Donuts: Manhattan, KS

I know what you’re thinking, “Another donut post?!”  Haha.  My wonderful brother bought donuts one morning during my visit.  This donut is all kinds of gloriousness and more!  It’s a hearty twist donut with jelly, peanut butter frosting, and peanuts.  Talk about a dance party in your belly!  As you break through the crispy glaze, you get a hit of peanut butter and crunchy peanuts.  Then all of a sudden, jelly breaks in to join in on the fun!  This is a great donut and I love my brother!


I think this is called the, “Larry.” 🙂

The EPIC bar!


Beef bar!

I recently discovered the Epic Bar and it is awesome!  It’s made out of grass fed beef, walnuts, and cherries!  It’s especially great if you’re Paleo or just watching carbs.  I think it tastes great, it’s quick, and satisfies my hunger.  It also comes in turkey and bison.  Check these guys out!


Too legit to quit.

Almonds Update!

Almonds Update!

Last week, I posted about Blue Diamond’s new flavors and mentioned not only Raspberry and Strawberry, but Coffee Mocha as well. Here is the pic!

Last week, as I was walking through Target and examining all the delish snacks, I saw Toasted Coconut. THESE are hecka good! They are buttery with a slight coconut taste. I feel like I’m eating a baked good rather than a heathy snack. Another luscious delicious score!

Sugar is the second ingredient.

Sugar is the second ingredient.

… and because of that, these almonds are delish! A couple of these puppies will satisfy the sweet craving you may have. Also, Blue Diamond makes a mocha coffee flavor as well. Get yours.

Nuts and Buns.

Nuts and Buns.

Texas Roadhouse has always been a favorite of mine and my friends. Texas has free nuts to snack on and their buns are on point! They have a great salad called, “Chicken Critter.” With a side of ranch, you’re looking at some good eats! They also make a great Blooming Onion.