Basil Leaf Cafe.

My friend Amea introduced me to Basil Leaf Cafe in Lawrence, Kansas.  It’s is awesome and one of my favorite spots for dinner.  I enjoy the cozy atmosphere and fresh flowers on the tables.  Every meal has been wonderful and the serving size always leaves you leftovers for lunch the following day!



House Salad. My dream salad.

The house salad is the way to go.  Fresh greens, tomatoes, and green peppers make for a great foundation, but the croutons, artichoke hearts, and banana peppers really make this salad a must-have when visiting.  I get this every time!


Risotto Balls.

Arancini is an appetizer that consists of sausage, vegetables, and a five-cheese risotto shaped into a ball, and covered in a parmesan and panko crust.  It is deep fried to perfection and served with a fire roasted tomato sauce.  These are absolutely fantastic!



This is a chicken, leek, and wild mushroom risotto.  This is by far the best risotto I’ve ever had -anywhere!  It’s full of flavor and cooked perfectly.  Some of you may know this: risotto is difficult to cook.  I feel that it needs to be watched over carefully and takes a while to cook.  I say this from experience.  🙂 And let’s just say it didn’t turn out well.  🙂  Basil Leaf does not have this dish any more (they change menus to keep things spicy), but usually feature a risotto.  I try to branch out each time I visit, but the risotto is always calling my name!



I love to eat, but nothing is as comforting as Mexican food!  Chuy’s was a great experience: fun, upbeat, delicious, and the service was exceptional.  In the beginning, we stuffed our faces with chips, salsa, and a cheese dip.  Since it was our first time, the server brought us a dip that tasted similar to ranch… with all three flavors, we quickly went through baskets of tortilla chips and different flavor combinations.




Clockwise from top: Salsa, cheese dip, unknown ranch dip for free

A friend and I split the fajita’s for two, and it was awesome!  The meat was tender and veggies were flavorful.  It was nothing to write home to, but everything was tasting great!  I would definitely get fajitas again.  Also, the flour tortillas are made in-house daily.  In fact, you can see people making them when being seated to your table.


My mouth is watering just typing this post. Just saying.


Seriously, is this real life?


The entry way. This place has a fun vibe.