I miss Summer. A little. :)

I’m starting to miss the foods that are associated with summer.  The BBQ’s, fresh fruits, veggies, etc.   One that stands out is this salsa that a friend made.  I pretty much ate the whole thing and it was awesome.  I know we can eat these things during winter, but sometimes it’s so much better when the weather is a little warmer outside.


Corn, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, green peppers… and cucumbers! Sprinkle some lime juice, and you’re good to go!


Here is a closer look, if you needed it. 😀



I love to eat, but nothing is as comforting as Mexican food!  Chuy’s was a great experience: fun, upbeat, delicious, and the service was exceptional.  In the beginning, we stuffed our faces with chips, salsa, and a cheese dip.  Since it was our first time, the server brought us a dip that tasted similar to ranch… with all three flavors, we quickly went through baskets of tortilla chips and different flavor combinations.




Clockwise from top: Salsa, cheese dip, unknown ranch dip for free

A friend and I split the fajita’s for two, and it was awesome!  The meat was tender and veggies were flavorful.  It was nothing to write home to, but everything was tasting great!  I would definitely get fajitas again.  Also, the flour tortillas are made in-house daily.  In fact, you can see people making them when being seated to your table.


My mouth is watering just typing this post. Just saying.


Seriously, is this real life?


The entry way. This place has a fun vibe.

Fish Tacos.

Fish Tacos

As I’ve stated in previous posts, cod is my favorite meat of the sea. Fish tacos were on the menu and of course cod was the focal point. The crunchy cabbage adds crunch and I love the flavor of corn tortillas! With a little salsa and a lot of guacamole, this became a hearty meal. I may or may not have had a third one!



So good!

I met my friends Kyle and Jake at Margarita’s Amigos Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We started out with chips and salsa, and it was awesome!  I found a huge double-chip!  In fact, there were so many double-chips, I was super impressed.  Although not pictured, we also killed a bowl of white queso.




Look at all those double-chips waiting to be eaten! 🙂

Since it was a Sunday, we were able to order any of the daily specials held during the week.  I chose the two taco special -chicken, hard shelled tacos.  By the time we ordered, I had already filled myself up with chips, salsa, and queso.  Nonetheless, the two chicken tacos didn’t have a chance and were delish!  The chicken was seasoned perfectly and the fried tortilla added the perfect crunch.  Next time, I’ll get a burrito.


Legit tacos!

Curly. Chips.

When I was little, I loved chips. My favorite chips were the ones with a “curly” edge or that were “folded” over. I always thought they were crunchier and tastier, for some reason. Upon finding one of these gems, I would put it to the side for later.

As I’ve gotten older, I still have a love for “curly” chips. Here’s a chip that I’ve recently found at a Mexican restaurant. Sure, we had more than chips and salsa, but this chip deserves a post on its own!


With a little salsa and sour cream, I will always remember you!