Is this real life!?

Jeepers!  I’ve been gone for way too long –again!  My bad.

Let’s start back up with one of my faves from Jimmy Johns: #9 Italian Nightclub with extra lettuce and hot peppers.  This never gets old and I’m not really up to trying something new… for now.  🙂  I’m smiling just posting this.  Happy Sunday!


Legit and one of my faves.




I wish I had this suitcase. How awesome would it be to carry around a ham sandwich? Heck, it could be a peanut butter and jelly!



I met some friends for breakfast at Panera. I usually hit up Panera during the lunch time, so breakfast was new for me. I ordered the bacon, egg, and cheese on Asiago Foccacia bread. I also ordered a red velvet cookie, since it was free on my Panera rewards card! The sandwich was good, but small and not worth the price (in my opinion). Maybe if a side, such as an apple or another piece of fruit were offered, it would have sweetened up the deal. The red velvet cookie was legit and yes, I did share.


Red Velvet cookie on the right. Love!

Brisket, whoa!

Brisket, whoa!

My brother makes the best brisket. It’s tender and has the right amount of seasoning. A little bit of horseradish mayo and shredded cabbage completed this sandwich, along with a side of sweet potatoes. I could eat brisket for days. What a luscious delicious score!