I heart Korean food.

Here are some more pictures of Korean food.  During the California trip, I definitely had my fair share of it.  Couldn’t stop.  I love banchan (Korean side dishes), kalbi (marinated beef), and kimchi cheegae (kimchi soup)!


I could look at this photo for days…


Spicy, delicious, and legit in one bowl. Perfect.


“Ponytail” Kimchi!

Although there many types of kimchi, I love this one! It’s spicy, crunchy, salty, and sour! In Korean, Chonggak kimchi means “ponytail” kimchi. People also make this kimchi cut up into bite size pieces called Kkakdugi. Accompany any kimchi with some rice and a meat dish (or not), and you are all set with a wonderful meal! I LOVE kimchi!