Tacos 4 Life.

I love Mexican food.  I love tacos.  So when my friends Emily and Jerry took me to Tacos Mexico in California, I knew it was a legit place; these guys know where to go!  The restaurant was small, service was quick, and they had video games such as Pac man against the wall!  Since we had a full day of eating ahead of us, I held back and only got three chicken tacos with cilantro and onion.  The corn tortillas were lightly crisp on the bottom –which was a lovely surprise.  Everything went well together and I could have eaten two more of these legit tacos.


Emily and Jerry! Miss these guys! 🙂




Stop traffic! Is this real life?


Up close. I miss you.


La Hacienda.

La Hacienda has the best tacos ever!  For a $1.50, you get a choice of pork, beef, or chicken.  These tacos come with onion, cilantro, and your choice of salsa on a fresh corn tortilla.  Total authentic legintness any way you look at it!


La Hacienda, Manhattan, KS

I got three chicken and one pork.  I know four may seem a lot, but these fellas were a little on the small side.  Nonetheless, these got demolished and left me wanting a couple more!  So good!  The chicken and pork were seasoned perfectly, and the onion and cilantro pulled everything together.  The corn tortilla was awesome!  These tacos are my heroes!  Also, this little eatery is connected to a grocery store where they sell everything hispanic!  How cool is that!?


Legitness in a corn tortilla! Yay!

No Meat Treat!

A friend and I went to a vegan restaurant called Fud (pronounced as Food, but I can’t find the symbol to put over the “u”).  Everything was fresh and I think they had a little garden in the back.



We started with the Nachitos.  They were a smaller version of the Nachos.  This little appetizer packed a lot of flavor and I didn’t miss the meat!  The organic corn chips were topped with nacho nut cheddar, El Cream (vegan sour cream), salsa, and guac.  These nachos were awesome!


So good! 😀

As an entree, I ordered the two fried tacos filled with Jack Phish (Jack fruit infused with chilies, cacao, and seaweed), cashew cheese, and lemon cream.  The duo came with a side of salsa and guac.  This was very de-lish and filling!


Jack Phish tacos!


Up-close. I can’t believe this doesn’t have meat!

During my second year of undergrad, a friend and I decided to go Vegan for a month. All we ate were veggie stir-frys, chips, and potatoes.  If Fud was around, I’m sure we would have been more motivated and creative.  This is a wonderful restaurant with a great mission!  I WILL go back again!