Ginger Sue’s!

My friend Abbey and I went to one her favorite breakfast spots called, Ginger Sue’s.  While waiting for a table, we soaked in the sun and conversed, but not for very long.  The environment was simple and clean.  The breakfast items dominated the menu, so that’s always a good sign for the first meal of the day.  🙂

I ordered the farmer’s omelet with veggies and goat cheese, and it came with a biscuit and a side –I chose fruit.  Also, I added a blueberry pancake.  Everything was wonderful!  The goat cheese was a perfect addition to the omelet and the biscuit was literally perfect.  I liked that fresh apples and bananas were involved in the fruit side and for the first time, I couldn’t finish the pancake.

Abbey and I pretty much closed the place down as we sat there talking for hours and finished our coffee.  Awesome place to have breakfast!


Wonderfulness on a plate!


Look at the little pocket of syrup. Always, my favorite part of the pancake. 😀


Legit Kimbap.

Kimbap is one of my Korean favorites.  Before leaving Cali, we stopped at a S-Mart (Korean market) to check things out and grab a bite to eat.  S-Mart was awesome and they had ALL of my favorite foods in ready-to-eat packages.  It was like a Whole Foods, but with Korean food!  Every thing was fresh and delicious and I wish we were able to buy everything!  Instead, we picked up a couple of kimbaps and tteok (Korean rice cake).

People put different things in kimbap.  This roll had fish cakes, spinich, carrots, egg, and a Japanese radish called Takuan.  So good!


Kimbap like a boss.


So good.

Tteok means rice cake in Korean and there are different varieties. On this day, we bought dok covered in bean powder –which has a slight sweetness.  MMMMmmm.


Get yours.

Meat sweats for days.

During my trip to Cali, I had my fair share of Korean BBQ.  It was amazing!  These places are all-you-can eat, and I took full of advantage.  The menus are filled with all kinds of meats from Kobe beef to small intestines.  With the meat came all the ban chan (Korean side dishes) your heart desires.


Huntington Beach location!

My friends wanted to take me to Gen’s Korean BBQ in Huntington Beach.  This place was great and had such a fun environment.  The service was awesome and quick!  Besides the loads of sirloin, we also tried the following: Hawaiian steak, garlic chicken with jalepeno cheese sauce, pork belly, and bulgogi.  The ban chan was also good and I loved all the different flavors.  I would hit this place again during my next visit.


All the ban chan –Korean side dishes– we could eat! Never ending…


Let the meat sweats begin. Sirloin. OMG.


Round two. 🙂


Round three?!


This place is awesome!

Basil Leaf Cafe.

My friend Amea introduced me to Basil Leaf Cafe in Lawrence, Kansas.  It’s is awesome and one of my favorite spots for dinner.  I enjoy the cozy atmosphere and fresh flowers on the tables.  Every meal has been wonderful and the serving size always leaves you leftovers for lunch the following day!



House Salad. My dream salad.

The house salad is the way to go.  Fresh greens, tomatoes, and green peppers make for a great foundation, but the croutons, artichoke hearts, and banana peppers really make this salad a must-have when visiting.  I get this every time!


Risotto Balls.

Arancini is an appetizer that consists of sausage, vegetables, and a five-cheese risotto shaped into a ball, and covered in a parmesan and panko crust.  It is deep fried to perfection and served with a fire roasted tomato sauce.  These are absolutely fantastic!



This is a chicken, leek, and wild mushroom risotto.  This is by far the best risotto I’ve ever had -anywhere!  It’s full of flavor and cooked perfectly.  Some of you may know this: risotto is difficult to cook.  I feel that it needs to be watched over carefully and takes a while to cook.  I say this from experience.  🙂 And let’s just say it didn’t turn out well.  🙂  Basil Leaf does not have this dish any more (they change menus to keep things spicy), but usually feature a risotto.  I try to branch out each time I visit, but the risotto is always calling my name!

Carrot Legs!

Carrot legs!

I bought a bag of carrots and look what luck brought me! When purchasing veggies, I never find weird stuff like this. How awesome!

I went to Abuelo’s and got the fajitas… again!


Second time around and still legit.

I love Abuelo’s Mexican restaurant.  The fajitas are always good and I love that lettuce is an option instead of flour or corn tortillas!  As a side, I got the spinach casserole and steamed veggies.  This was the first time getting the spinach casserole and it was similar to a spinach and artichoke dip; it was wontacular!


Dressing up the fajita was never this fun!


Is this real life?!